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My name is Weston. I help people achieve their goals! I want to help you achieve yours. Whether your goals are business goals, personal goals or financial, I want to help you find your success.


I believe that every person on Earth has something amazing to contribute as long as they get the opportunity to execute on their idea. Many people are on different paths, or different motivation levels. Some have had their fire smoothered out. If that's you, I want to help bring your fire back and help you create goals to get you across that finish line.

My entire life has revolved around three subjects. Technology, Business, and Art. I've come to realize and have helped many other people realize that you only need to balance these three traits to see success in any aspect of your life.

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When I was young, my life was focused on Art. The earliest being Martial Arts. I became one of the youngest black belts in the nation, competed and won many tournaments and was starting to receive movie offers. I played piano and violin and performed in many concerts. Origami, the art of paper folding, was a daily occurrence in my life. Art helped me to open my mind and play with the impossible.

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The next phase of my life would bring the Technology. Growing up in the peak of the Information Age gave me insight into just how vital technology and innovation are. It was at this point in my life that I started focusing on combining Art and Technology. I learned how to film and edit movies and I learned how to code robots and make websites. Technology helped me understand that innovation and pushing boundaries can help open my world up to unlimited possibilities.

It was at this point in my life that I received my Electrical Engineering degree and I had a choice to make. I could go get my Engineering Master's or I could start a business. I ended up starting a business and this is where I learned the third part of the Trinity.

Weston Anime

Business is what gives imagination and innovation (Art and Technology) structure. Without the Business aspect, it's difficult to push good ideas out and help the community. I ended up getting an MBA as well as graduate from Startup Ignition. I started a business that failed and started a business that was bought out. I learned finances, marketing, sales, and many other vital business lessons. It opened my eyes to how the world worked. One thing I didn't realize until later was that Business works much better if you bring Technology and Art into the picture.

The hustler, the hipster, and the hacker is a pretty common phrase in the startup world. You need all three to have a successful business. The hustler has the Business aspect, Hipster has the Art aspect and the Hacker has the Technology aspect. I've found that if I have a good balance of those three, I feel more productive and happier as a person.


In closing, one of the easiest ways to recharge all three aspects is to diversify your life by traveling. By going to new places you experience the beauty of the world (Art), structure of the society (Business), and the improvements they are making (Technology). I love traveling with my family because it helps me understand these three topics better and opens my eyes to amazing new opportunities.

I hope that we can connect and learn from each other. Everyone has a passion. Everyone has a dream. Everyone has a goal, and I hope you will share yours with me. Until next time!

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