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Tokyo Lights is a company that my wife and I founded. It stemmed off another entertainment company that our friends were doing. They had a balloon company and we helped them grow from small parties and events to humongous events. Of course helping our friends grow their business didn't do much for us because we weren't growing anything that we actually owned, so we decided to stay in the event industry but go a little more on the technical side.

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Tokyo Lights is an event decoration company that serves medium to large events. We put up special LED lights, creating designs for guests to enjoy. We've worked with the Gateway in Salt Lake City, the Utah Arts Alliance, the SEGO Awards, and many other events and businesses. Our LEDs are unique in that they are interactive and create a magical environment for guests.

The reason I decided to mention my business on this page is that I have learned so much from running this business and running all of my past businesses. There are lessons learned at every level in life and I hope that the lessons I've learned from this business can help you out in your own business ventures.

One of the more important lessons I've learned from running Tokyo Lights is that relationships matter. Relationships with clients obviously matter, but even relationships with your family and business partner (my wife) matter. Many people say running a business with your spouse is a bad idea, but I've come to see that it all depends on your mindset and the relationship you have with them.

I would suggest that every single person start a business of some kind. Starting a business teaches endurance and discipline. It teaches salesmanship and marketing. It teaches psychology, technology, and finance. I learn so much starting businesses that it's hard to figure out what I haven't learned from business.

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If you have the ability to start a business, please start one. Anything will do. Find something that adds value to someone else and do it. It's not only good for those you are serving, but it will keep your mind active and body moving. If you need some guidance or even just a sounding board, please feel free to reach out to me. One of my passions is helping other business owners.

Reach out and let me know how I can help you change your life through business.

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